Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory

17th International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory,
London, 22 to 25 July 2007

The 17th ISTTT takes place at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in
London from Monday 23 July to Wednesday 25 July this summer, starting
with a Welcome Reception at the Jolly St. Ermins Hotel on Sunday 22
July. The 36 papers to be presented at the Symposium have been published
by Elsevier. The programme may be found on the Symposium website
( <> ).  Those interested in
participating should register  now . In order to be sure of a place at
the evening events, registration must be made by 13 July. You may
register for the Symposium (and the accompanying person’s programme) via
the Symposium website, where you can also find hotel recommendations.
Queries about this event should be directed to Jackie Sime at <> .