The SCOR® Model

Real supply chain improvement doesn’t happen overnight.
We think it takes about two days.

The SCOR® Model was developed to help groups translate supply chain processes into a common language. Why is this important? Because the first step in driving meaningful change is getting a group on the same page. Teams are then able to create plans and drive results.

To help you get there fast the Supply-Chain Council, a global, not-for-profit trade association, is offering three new courses that deliver practical, hands-on insights.

Start with the New SCOR 8.0 Framework Training

  • Learn the basics of SCOR
  • Identify processes, metrics and best practices
  • Leave with a full copy of the SCOR Model—and the knowledge of how it works

Create Your Plans: SCOR 8.0 Implementation Training

  • Jumpstart initiatives with a step-by-step approach
  • Simulate a full implementation
  • Build custom templates to put the SCOR Model in action

Expand Your Knowledge: The DCOR 1.0 Framework Training

  • Gain a greater knowledge of design chain fundamentals
  • Learn how to use DCOR to optimize design processes
  • Explore intersection between design and supply-chain processes

ALSO – Don’t forget to take advantage of Supply-Chain Council’s FREE Web Seminar Series

The Supply-Chain Council has launched a web seminar series to discuss the exciting direction that the Council is moving to deliver education to its membership organizations. Each seminar will be delivered at three different times to accommodate a global audience. These seminars are at no charge and are open to both the SCC membership and the public.

The web seminars topics will be about the six new course offerings to meet the growing needs of its members. These workshops were piloted in November with positive reviews by all attendees; they are now open for general enrollment.


Date and Time


Recordings of past web seminars are also posted on our website. Click here to download!!

Visit our website for pricing information and a detailed schedule of trainings offered worldwide

Two days can change the future of your supply chain.
Join us and learn how.